Zanzibar is a unique coral island lying in the Indian Ocean a short distance from Tanzania mainland. Zanzibar is made up of big main islands Unguja and Pemba, Zanzibar is ringed by some of Africa’s best coral beaches and blessed with a lot of beautiful places and a great history that backs all the historical old buildings that can be traced from the time of slavery and the reign of the Oman sultanate in these islands. Originally she was an independent country until 1964 when it was united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania under President Julius Nyerere. Presently it has its own President and a degree of autonomy.

The island's history goes back many centuries. Its heyday came in the early 19th century when the Sultan of Muscat moved his court to Zanzibar. Spice cultivation was developed (particularly the clove tree), and the slave trade was at its height Zanzibar became the most important town in East Africa.

Zanzibar has a lot to offer to people who want to have the best experience as it comprises of the history, the marine wildlife adventures, the architectural sights that comprises the combination of merchants houses which were built during the time of slavery, and furthermore the technology of how to build Dhows. Also the beaches of Zanzibar have fishermen who have managed to provide different types of the sea foods to the locals and guests who happen to visit Zanzibar.

Msaro African Adventures has provided itineraries for the guests who wish to visit these islands and experience the magical feeling when one is around these islands. These itineraries include;