Welcome to Msaro African Adventures

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We are a destinations management company based in Arusha-Tanzania. Ably led by the owner and sustained on a daily basis by the rest of a very able team, who love their work and gain great satisfaction from the knowledge that each person who travels with us has a rewarding and enriching experience. 

This is the place to come for safari. The East Africa Region is bestowed with lots of wildlife including a variety of birds and mammals, and also exhibits a cultural diversity and natural habitat like no other. It’s beautiful scenery with breathtaking landscapes and white sandy beaches is unmatched, and we are enthusiastic about our growing list of exciting and personalised safari packages.

At Msaro African Adventures, we are not only present travellers with the tailor made safari programs, but are keen and always go the extra mile to understand and meet the needs of the traveller, hence offering personalised services all through. We are able to accommodate different forms of interests, time frame as well as valid budgets.

Why Choose Tanzania 

If your primary reason for traveling to Africa is to experience an abundance of African wildlife in unspoiled wilderness, then Tanzania should be your destination of choice. You simply cannot beat the wildlife concentrations found in Tanzania.

The parks and wildlife reserves of Tanzania are inhabited by vast herds of wildebeest spread out across the Serengeti savannah, huge populations of elephant and buffalo, as well as plains game and their predators. All these animals interact and roam freely, the same as they have for thousands of years.

Here you'll witness an incredible diversity of ecology and will find the vegetation and bird life as fascinating as the big game. Tanzania is home to over 35 species of large four-legged mammals and has over 1000 species of birds listed. An extension to the paradisiacal Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia after a safari or mountain climbing is worthwhile and really rewarding.